When can we use Paid Search Marketing?

Every day we find out new trends in Digital Marketing…. 

When I just have started my professional career in digital marketing, I heard that paid search marketing is not very useful and better to avoid it than apply. However with time, as more experience I gained, my opinion was changed: Paid Search Marketing plays an important role in achieving results and further visibility in Google Search Results.

For sure, people trust more native ads than sponsored ads, so the following question is arisen: when Paid Search Marketing may be appropriate?

Paid Search Marketing or PPC gives an opportunity to gain fast traffic and broad visibility during days, PPC is scheduled. In most cases PPC is designated for new established companies, which are not famous and need to reach quick result in Google Search Result, which will help them to take a higher position as well as receive more visibility and possible transactions from potential new Clients and/or Customers.


So, allow me to show Major Benefits, which PPC has:

  1. Fast, constant traffic through PPC – your Ads cannot be ignored as far as it is in the top of Google Search Result;
  2. Geo-targeting and Ad Scheduling of PPC ads – company has an ability to choose location, where ads will be displayed. For example if you provide Executive Search Services in Myanmar you would like your ads will be displayed to countries, where original population may be living and working (I’ve taken this example from previous practice with executive search company in Myanmar, which mostly have been targeted repatriates, who fluently speaks and writes local language and who are quite valuable in their motherland).
  3. Ability to edit Paid Ads – possibility to modify, check and track PPC, so you can always analyze appropriate keywords, which people target looking for this/that Service/Product and choose the appropriate ones in future.
  4. Quick process of Ads’ creation – to create Ads through Google Adwords will take around 10 – 30 minutes and give you an opportunity to make changes and amendments during whole Ads term.
  5. Ability to promote Ads not just in Google Search Results, however across other browsers and apps, which will give more chances to gain more visibility and receive direct traffic from different internet resources.
  6. Variety of Bid Strategies in Google Adwords – you can either increase Branding & Awareness of website, Engagement with your website and as a result – quantity of traffic or Direct Actions within website (in other words – amount of Conversions) as well as amount of Video Views through Video ads, which are the most effective and popular nowadays.

There are just few main benefits of PPC. However, allow me to give you some recommendations: don’t use it too often – apply it in case you are new or recently created legal entity, so as a result, you need broad visibility. You can apply Google Adwords when SEO is not very effective and temporarily does not positively influenec on positions in Google Search Result – it will be definitely helpful for a while.

So, if you have any questions referring this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All the Best,