Does not matter which business area company is working in – digital time force us to use progressive technologies and innovations, which will boost company’s activity and help to achieve an amazing results.

Have you ever faced E-mail Marketing Software?

We are strongly believe that E-mail Marketing Software is going to become an integral part of your commercial activity and an irreplaceable assistant in your business projects.

What is E-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing means organizing and distributing personalized e-mail marketing campaigns using E-mail marketing Software to attract new Customers and save the old ones.

News, events, useful innovations, – any interesting and appropriate information is recommended to be joined into E-mail marketing campaign, which suggests sending personalized E-mail together with Newsletter, Digest, other document, consisting valuable/useful Information, advertising/proposition of this/that Product or Service. E-mail marketing software differs by its pricing packages and functional area, navigation system and structure. Don’t afraid to implement it: E-mail marketing Software will provide 24/7 phone support, live chat and e-mail help, which will be very helpful if you’ve never used it before.

Allow me to introduce the best, most popular types of E-mail Marketing Software 2017 and its benefits:

  • ActiveCampaign: it is the most featured-packed e-mail marketing tool, which is simple in navigation, has its own CRM system and very affordable and appropriate for small business. The most powerful features – you can check full history of e-mails (just follow particular client) and organize effective e-mail campaigns, which will target potential customers as well as old ones.
  • GetResponse: the main characteristics: it has wide variety of e-mail templates, which will be useful and necessary for creating personalized e-mails; Software has broad amount of benefits such as excellent customer support, that can help you with any kind of question; will organize split-test of body content, subject line, sender name, which will allow you to analyze, which campaign was more efficient and why; appropriate prices for small and middle business as well.
  • MailChimp: it is one of the most popular and free-of-charge Software, appropriate for any kind of business. It is simple and understandable  in utilization: allows you quickly connect to important channels such as WordPress, Facebook, Hubspot and so on. However, for example, if you would like to create autoresponders – you should upgrade system, which will provide you different options.

There are just few types of Software, popular on the market today. On your discretion which one to choose: everything depends on company’s scale, commercial activity, budget and list of Clients.

Please remember – if you would like to gain stable Customers, don’t hesitate to “disturb” them with interesting propositions, Newsletters, discount programs and other information, which will be helpful and valuable for their business activity. E-mail marketing Software will be indispensable in realizing above mentioned goals and appropriate to achieve leading positions in your business field.

All the best, 

Team of ProvocationDigital.