Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing became the important and valuable type of marketing, no matter you are targeting traffic, have purpose to generate leads, find new Clients or increase amount of conversions.

ProvocationDigital is responsible to organize campaigns through well-known Social Media Channels, which will help company to take leading positions and gain big amount of traffic in short period of time.

We are working with the most famous Social Media Channels, however apply it to companies, taking into account type of business, stage of its development and today’s position in Google Search Results. There are major Social Media Channels, which we are working with:




Facebook Advertising

Our goal to make your comapny famous in the most powerful Social Media Channel in the world – FB.

Advertising in FB will give guarantee you broad amount of visitors, massive flow of traffic and professional comments and advices from people in the same area ob business


LinkedIn Advertising

More than important to have company’s profile in LinkedIn. The biggest professional network is represented with CEO, Managing Directors of prominent companies, which could become your future partners. Specific groups, ability to exchange with opinions with professionals in their field give you opportunity to promote company among real business world.

Twitter advertising

Powerful tool to promote your company, which gives an ability to create professional advertising campaign, targeting specific audience and keywords.

It is recommended to follow and subscribe Profiles, comment posts, which will give an opportunity to gain additional traffic and find Clients.



Youtube Advertising

Advertising through Youtube is the most powerful tool nowadays. Video became more popular, possibly pleased to fact that it is more accessible and more effective in spreading ideas than text.

There are different type of advertising through Youtube (in-stream, in-display, so on), which will be applied after mutual confirmation with Client



Google+ Advertising

It is less popular Channel to create campaigns than FB/LinkedIn/Twitter, however I recommend you to use it as well.

We will create business account and list you in Google maps, which will give you a lot of additional benefits.

Professional groups will allow you to take useful information as well as additional traffic to website.


Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the most popular Channel, which allow you to advertise company’s activity through images and hashtags.

We will create advertising campaign Instagram basing on Client’s previous approval.

Social Media Channels consist resources, which most of us still do not know about. Using Social Media Channels in correct professional way, will give you results, which posiibly you cannot even imagine.

Abovementioned tools will help you increase Brand awareness of company, generate traffic, find potential Clients or people, who could be interested in such kind or Services and generally will take company to the global level, which each company is dreaming about.

Welcome to ProvocationDigital – we will help realize you Dreams!!!