Pay Per Click 



PPC is the highly used marketing tool in digital advertising, which is used by companies to place ads in the top of Google Search Results to have traffic to website, strongly increasing brand awareness as well as amount of visitors to website.

When visitor click on ads he will be redirected to the landing page of website, which will give them full information about Services and Products.

PPC is particularly beneficial for those, who needs traffic to website during short period of time; often is used by new-established or not well- known companies. Massive benefits of PPC is the fact that company will have access to ads during whole period of ads, so can easily modify or amend content of ads, substitute keywords and edit budget.

By using PPC we will be able to maximize Return on Investment by increasing traffic to website, improving brand awareness, augmenting quantity of conversions and transaction through website.



Our role to help you to determine:


which audience will target,

looking for Services or Products

in the similar business field

Bid Strategy:

It will depends whether company would like to increase traffic,

brand awareness

or amount of conversions through website

Competitive Budget:

It should be reasonable and

competitive compare to budget for PPC of

companies in the same business area

And some important statistics:

  • Google Adwords 73%
  • Bing Ads 55%
  • Display Networks 52%
  • Facebook 52%
  • LinkedIn 26%
  • Twitter 24%
  • Other Social 18%

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