E-mail marketing

Nowadays there are many controversial theories referring E-mail marketing: Does E-mail marketing have a future or not?

Our opinion is following: E-mail marketing has stable positions today and for sure will have a future. Taking into account digital era and inventions, e-mail marketing campaign became more sophisticated, e-mail – marketing software – more widespread among companies, which facilitate process of creation and developing e-mail marketing campaigns.

E-mail should consist the following elements:

a) E-mail should be personalized;

b) Subject line should be straightforward;

c) Call to Action;

d) E-mail message should be clear and understandable.

Types of E-mails, which we are creating and working with:

E-mail Newsletter

Consists interesting and useful information for customers: can be either daily or weekly newsletter, on company’s discretion. Advantages: Brand Awareness; Diverse, many-sided content

E-mail Digest

Digest can be easier to consume than Newsletter. Digest has some similarities with Newsletter: provides summaries of existing information for month, other timeframe. Digest could be full of links and  lists, wich facilitate its usage

Dedicated E-mail

Dedicated E-mail is famous with the following feature: it includes one offer. For example company would like to notify Customers about Event or some favourable infomation. Help to introduce company’s call-to-action.

Sponsorship E-mails

It is used to reach new audience and gain new leads. Sponsorship e-mail is component of paid media strategy. In most cases comapny pays to include copy in somebody’s newsletter or dedicated send.

Tranasction E-mails

Transcation E-mails force you to complete launced action, for example: you sign up for webinar, than fill out form and just afterwards receive transactional e-mail with login and other information to further proceed.

Brief Instruction:

Before launching Email marketing campaign, you should embed your contact list to e-mail service provider. Next step – create e-mail, using template or your own draft. Don’t forget to include necessary key points to e-mail body!!!

Afterwards, applying an e-mail marketing software, send an e-mail marketing campaign to contacts, listed in e-mail service provider.

We evaluate launched e-mail campaigns under the criterions such as Delivery Rate, Bounce Rate, Open Rate, Conversion Rate, Revenue per each e-mail sent, Unsubscribe Rate so on. It is vital to have full and comprehensible analysis of e-mail campaign, which will reveal its effectiveness and pertinence.

We will manage every step to create awesome and effective E-mail marketing campaign.