Content Marketing

Content Marketing is quite new term, which recently came to marketing science.

One of the important element of website is the content. Content is important for an audience and potential Clients, for Google to be indexed and positioned in accordance with its SEO level and generally measure the website rating – without interesting, useful content website will be empty and boring.

Content marketing involves creating content using different tools such as infographics, pictures, videos, slide decks, economic charts so on.

It is important to “draw” content, which is useful and easy-going, rich of tricks and multimedia materials.

Before writing and structuring text of website, we should find out company’s DNA: website area – whether it is entertaining business, trade area or services; which kind of services/products company is going to provide/supply; which audience company is generally going to target so on.

In other words we should evolve Content marketing strategy – choose direction we are going to move – and just afterwards start to draw core message of the website. Compelling content will give you stable visitors, decrease Bounce rate and as a result – stable reputation among business competitors,  allies and visitors.

Does not matter,  which kind of business you are involved in- compelling content will influence on company’s position in global network please to promotion it in Google Search Results, Social Media Channels and other resources.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content is the key moment to guarantee company high SEO. Google evaluates level of content, lifting it in Google Search Results depending on amount of long tail keywords, which should be relevant, competitive and priority, quality and importance of subject, manner of writing.

Without high SEO and small amount of readers, content will be invisible and low rated, which will put negative consequences on website. Our goal – to attract and hold visitors, turn them into stable readers and, possibly,  – to future company’s Clients.

Each company, no matters whether it is new established or already famous entity in the business world, should promote its website through guest blogging, social media channels, other resources.

The abovementioned information repeatedly confirms the fact that content should be perfect for reading and perception.

Don’t forget: high-quality content will help you to earn natural links from other companies and institutions, which are so valuable for stable SEO and decent position in Google Search Results.

In “generatation ideas” process, we are thinking about targeted visitors, taking into account his/her interests, requirements, demands, questions and other aspects. This factors should be  always in memory, helping you to achieve results, which you are striving for.

Never forget, that decent website will not have real success without informative, interesting, useful content, which should “inspire” people return to website again and again.