Which power the photography has?!

Each of us often find difficult to notice little things around them pleased to busy schedule, crazy rhythm of life and so on. However world is an amazing place with an amazing things, which often pass by us not noticed by anyone. Photography help us to freeze a rare precious moment and notice things, which we have never seen before.

Some photos inspire, horrify us, change our perspective on life and course of life. Through photos we can see things and phenomena, which have not been noticed before – show reality, problems, moments of life from other perspective and horizon.

Have you ever cried looking though photographs? Have you ever felt, what photographer felt, having taken this particular photo?

Some photos make us cry, some – give us an incredible energy and positivity, some pictures cannot leave us indifferent and let us see the world through other, new angle. Photography is an universal language, which helps us to be connected to each other without words, but through pictures and art.

However to take really good photos takes time, a lot of efforts and huge support. Creating an art instead of usual shots requires particular skills, hard work and deep knowledge of the subject. Photography gives you an opportunity and necessity to learn about the world, about yourself, let you “Think Different”, “Out the Box”. It helps you to mention things, which you have never seen before. It opens the world, people, life from the new perspective, which makes your photography powerful and affecting, breathtaking and unforgettable.

So let’s have a look, what high level, experienced photographers from National Geographic tells us about art and photography and possibly learn from it.

Enjoy watching.

All the best,

ProvocationDigital Team.