Digital time and digital era don’t allow us to relax…

We should follow the time, improving knowledge and skill, be aware  of technologies and innovations, which are elaborated every day. In result of embedding new technologies and tools of artificial intelligence, some kind of job will not require people anymore.

Taking into account the abovementioned and following with time and today’s economic situation in the world, always great to have additional income resources.

ProvocationDigital is involved in building websites and Blogs as well as providing other Services. However, have you ever thought, why people create Blogs? Possibly they enjoy writing? Or, may be, Blog could become an additional way of income or powerful main source of revenue?

 So let’s briefly find out … how you can generate profit through Blogging?

#1 point – Sell Advertising space to place Banners, other paid ads inside your Blog. However, don’t think that, having launched a Blog, you can immediately find companies who will be ready to place ads/banners and collaborate with you. Of course – not… Blog should have decent reputation, decent PA and DA in global net. So at start, gain traffic to your Blog through Social Media, Guest Blogging, Google Adwords and than start to find allies, who are ready to collaborate with you.

Do not hesitate to call or send an e-mail to companies, which could be interested to place Ads into your Blog. Use Google AdSense as a resource for placing Ads. This ad network allow you to place ads in different shape and imagery. You can place ads in headers, sidebars, footers, within posts and anywhere, the website owners would like to display it.

#2 point – Write Sponsored Posts about company’s-allies Products or Services and advertise them through your Blog. Keep your posts brief and easy-reading, so people will be attracted with content and transit through link to your Customer’s website.

#3 point – Affiliate Links in Content: company will pay you for possibility to place their links through your Pages and inside the Content. In case if buyers will decide to buy Products through any of this link, you will receive a determined commission. 

#4 point – Blog, which will focus on providing particular Services and selling Products, such as:

  • Selling E-Books;
  • Providing paid access to Seminars, Webinars and Conferences;
  • Providing Services such as Consultant, Translator services, On-line studying, Web Design, Design, Tutors, Writing services;
  • so on.

#5 point – use Blog like Content marketing tool:

Try not to think about Blog like Money making resource, however think about it like Content marketing tool. Create quality and interesting content in specialized field. You could choose any subject to highlight, whether it is politics, banking, web design, fashion so on.

Pleased to interesting topics and relevant themes, you can build a brand and gain recognition. In time, you can have propositions to become co-author of specialized Books or magazines, conduct your own Seminars and Conferences.

There are just few methods, how to turn Blogging to main or additional resource of gaining profit.

Just remember: quality content, interesting and controversial questions, highlighted through Posts will bring the success, popularity and revenue.

Don’t afraid to start new activity and experiment – possibly this field is definitely what you were looking for.

All the best,

Team of ProvocationDigital.