Do you love celebrations? Do you love to visit Events and then, in time, remind it?

I suppose all of us love and need some Events: it makes our life brighter; there we will have possibility to meet interesting people, exchange with opinions, discuss actual topics or just simply have fun and pleasant time all together.

As for me – I love Events, particularly I love to shoot it. It is not easy, but I love Challenge. One of my favorite – Loreal Presentation in Novotel Hotel, Yangon.

So great to catch somebody from the invisible corner and then surprise your Client, who, in most cases, will be pleasantly shocked with such unexpected real shots. Often such unexpected natural shots are more precious and interesting then pictures, where we are posing.

People’s emotions, feelings, mood – what could be more precious in photography? In such events you can be real, you can be yourself, because, as well-known expression says, – often it is easier to be opened to strangers, then to friends or close surrounding.

We are shooting all kind of Events:

  • Weddings;
  • Presentations;
  • New Projects;
  • Anniversaries.

So please connect with us and we will provide you with best quality Photo and Video services as well as high level assistance in these questions.


When it is raining outside, when the weather is hot and unfavorable or you simply have a mood to be photographed without increased outside attention – studio photo session is definitely for you. In young years all women dreamt to be models or actresses, all couple love to have “their Love Story” and… for sure, the best, most valuable photographs are photos of children!!!

Have you ever had photo shooting in studio? If not – let’s start Today!!!

 We use up to date equipment and cameras to shoot professional photo sessions for you personally as well as for special projects, websites, business cards. In case of necessity we will involve more photographers; everything depends on Project and purpose of photo session.

Does not matter, whether you need silence, philosophic atmosphere or influx of energy – we will organize it for you!!!

We will turn on music, change background, take additional accessories to make photo shooting more interesting and unforgettable.

Photographs are eternal – they remind us precious, valuable moments, which are part of our life. Without it our life could be boring and incomplete, empty and imperfect. So, we will help you to make it bright and colorful, using our professional skills in shooting and video creating.

 All the best,

Team of ProvocationDigital.