ProvocationDigital was born out of a strong desire to bring together the three key disciplines required to successfully market a company in today’s digital world, namely digital marketing, website building and photography.

Our experience included but not limited with building non e-commerce websites and providing digital marketing services for companies such as Venari Consulting Services Ltd, one of the leading executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar and we have earnt a reputation for professionalism in this field.

ProvocationDigital had broad experience in photography projects and had been involved with some high profile projects in Yangon,  such as shooting presentations of L’Oreal, OCBC, shooting trade mark and a large amount of studio work.

Today ProvocationDigital provides a complex of services from SEO services to website and website/blog building and photography. SEO encompasses a broad church of tools, including appropriate use of keywords, quality backlinks, paid search marketing, internal links, including advertising in social media channels, launching e-mail marketing campaigns, using software and necessary programs as well as fulfilling Photography projects, such as shooting Events, creating and adjusting video, shooting in the studio and outside and realizing other type of shooting on discretion of Customers.

Our motto – “Be creative. Be professional. Value reputation”. When we are providing services, we are following principles such as quality, standards, professionalism and reputation in the business market.

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Forensic attention

Forensic attention to understanding your requirements, nature and peculiarities of your business.

Knowledge based solution

It is crucial to understand DNA of the company, principal list of services and benefits, which company has. 

Structured Creative approach

Structured yet creative approach to all facets of the design process to challenge all thought processes. 


We should understand that to achieve perfect results, we both need to brainstorm and collaborate together.



Initial engagement is likely to be fact-finding and the fact-finding works both ways. From Provocation Digital’s perspective, we need to understand your company’s DNA. What your company’s core skill-sets are? How you perceive yourselves and what message about yourselves you wish to get out there? What your target audience is? What social media and S.E.O. you already have? What internal resources you are prepared / able to dedicate to these programs?


Post the initial engagement, we will come up with some basic recommendations and the outline of a plan, depending on your specific needs, whether it will be S.E.O., social media, site building or a combination of all three. These basic recommendations are only discussed, if we feel we have a very real understanding of your business and what you wish to achieve.


Underlying our creativity, there is a systematic approach to the entire engagement from the initial meeting, right through to completion of all tasks. We attempt to bring structure to the creative process and where possible set achievable timelines. Setting a framework early on in the process is essential to the effective melding of your desired direction and our execution strategy.


Our Services:

  • Webdesign;
  • SEO;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Youtube Marketing;
  • Consulting;
  • Campaign Concept Creation;
  • Digital advertising.

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